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The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual and Material World


Human society is no longer bound by geographical limits to particular countries and communities. It is broader than in the Middle Ages and the tendancy is towards one state or one human society. Though we have made tremendous progress in the fields of technology, material comfort, education and economic development, there remains a pin-prick in the social body at large - wars and uneccessary violence, crime, environmental instability and so on. There is a need of a clue as to how humanity can become one in peace, prosperity and friendship with a common cause. 


The Srimad Bhagavatam will fill this need as it is a cultural presentation dedicated to the respiritualization of the entire human society. Originally composed more than five  millenia ago by the great sage Vyasa, its 18,000 verses are directed to bringing about a revolution in consciousness of today’s misguided civilisation and a definitive understanding of the Supreme reality.


Readers will find this work of value for many reasons. For those interested in the classical roots of Indian civilization, it serves as a vast reservoir of detailed information on virtually every one of its aspects. For students of comparative philosophy and religion, the Bhagavatam offers a penetrating view into the meaning of India's profound spiritual heritage. To sociologists and anthropologists, the Bhagavatam reveals the practical workings of a peaceful and scientifically organized Vedic culture, whose institutions were integrated on the basis of a highly developed spiritual world view. Students of literature will discover the Bhagavatam to be a master piece of majestic poetry. For students of psychology, the text provides important perspectives on the nature of consciousness, human behavior and the philosophical study of identity. Finally, to those seeking spiritual insight, the Bhagavatam offers simple and practical guidance for attainment of the highest self-knowledge and realization of the Absolute Truth. The entire multivolume text, presented by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, promises to occupy a significant place in the intellectual, cultural and spiritual life of modern man for a long time to come.


Hardbound, 18 volumes, 15000 total pages


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