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We live to give! Our desire and mission is to spiritualise the beautiful country of Australia and indeed, the entire world through the most easy and sublime process of Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of love and devotion.


As dedicated monks and members of The Happy Jiva Team, we're always on the road, in some city, town or village around Australia. We're either sharing spiritual knowledge with people in the form of transcendental books, running seminars and workshops, conducting home programs and festivals, distributing delicious vegetarian meals to the needy or just mentoring and guiding sincere souls in their spiritual journey.

We humbly request you to show your support by generously donating towards our spiritual cause. Your financial support goes a long way in helping us to sustain this project of good-will for the spiritual nourishment of so many people around Australia. Whether big or small, your contribution assists us in running public events, catering, printing books, caravan accomodation expenses for the monks, fuel (Australia is a LARGE Country) and much more!

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