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Frequently asked questions

Which cities do you operate in?

We operate all across New Zealand, with teams in all the major cities. We can help you with your moving needs in any part of New Zealand. Get in touch with us today and let us help you make things simple.

What is your process?

The Moving On relocation process starts with a plan, prioritising what you need, can fit, and, importantly, what you want and don’t want. Listening is one of our key skills. Ahead of moving day we will help compile an inventory of furniture and valuables where required.

We will arrange gifting or sale of any items of value, financial or family, which cannot be taken to the new home. We can arrange for other items to go to chosen charities or to someone who will use or appreciate them.

We will guide you through moving day, making the difficult easy and bearable, and the complex understandable. We know it is a big and emotionally demanding day, often best accompanied by cups of tea and a kind smile.

Why should I choose Moving On to help me?

✓ We move people everyday!
✓ You can rely on our experience to make things happen seamlessly.
✓ We take care of the big things as well as the small details
✓ We remove the stress
✓ We work side by side with you
✓ Patience and sensitivity are our #1 values
✓ We respect you and know that your possessions and memories are important no matter what the $ value
✓ We plan all aspects of the move with you
✓ We quote using our contract drivers who are experienced and careful with your possessions
✓ We personally supervise and manage all packing
✓ We manage all aspects of moving day
✓ We can help with professional cleaning and maintenance
✓ We offer you or your loved ones a total service
✓ We don't leave until we know you are sorted, your bed is made and you can relax in your new home
✓ We are available nationwide

What makes Moving On different?

We are driven by our values of integrity, respect and genuine care for the people you care about and love.

How much will this cost me?

Every move is different, so to get an accurate cost for what you need help with, please give us a call on 0800 000 484. We will happily provide you an obligation free quote.

Where should I start?

​Always start with your papers and photographs. These take the longest time to sort through and as many of them will be important no one can do this as well as you.

My new place is smaller, how on earth will everything fit in?

​This is always the big question when moving and downsizing. We are familiar with many of the villages and know the footprint of their apartments and villas. We can assist you with prioritising what you need to take what you would like to take and anything else.

I have furniture that was my parents' and is too valuable to give away. Where can I sell it?

Moving On have a number of ways for you to sell your items. Either through auction, online or through a traders. We can ensure your items go to the right outlet to get the best price.

Surely it will take weeks for you to sort everything! How long does it normally take?

​Moving On is experienced in all things moving. They are one of the original companies to offer assistance to seniors and they have the whole process down to a tee. After discussing your move in detail with you they will give you a timeline and plan of what to expect and when of course a lot of this depends on the size of your property.

Will you unpack everything?

​Yes we unpack everything and ensure all boxes are sorted before we leave. We even make your beds! We take photos of your china cabinet and any items that have detail so we can replicate it in your home. We want to make your move as easy as possible. Our role is to take away any stress and concerns so you can concentrate on other things.