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If you have any general questions or inquiries, just fill out and submit the contact form below. Alternatively, if you want to ask The Happy Jiva Team any specific questions, check out our links in the buttons below. We would love to hear from you!

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  • Who are The Happy Jiva Monks?
    Please refer to the "About Us" section on the homepage of our website. We are a group of dedicated, full-time monks from the age old Hare Krishna tradition. Some of us have been serving as monks in the renounced order of life for more than a decade. Many of us decided to become monks after after graduating from University when we came in touch with the Bhakti Yoga wisdom texts and culture. Although mort monks live in mountains, caves and forests, we prefer to live in an urban environment so that we can infuse spirituality into the stressful lives of people who need it most. Our experience as monks makes us educators, guides, public speakers, musicians, cooks and travellers.
  • How do you support yourselves?
    The life of a monk is all about simple living and high thinking - it's a different kind of wealth. We keep our personal maintenance to a minimum and are content and blissful with that! :) Financially, we mostly get by through the distribution of our books as well as through kind and generous contributions by our well wishers and supporters. Many of these well wishers are people who recieve books from us.
  • I would like to invite The Happy Jiva Team to my area to run programs. Whats involved?
    We always welcome the opportunity to travel and meet nice people who want to learn more about Krishna Consciousness. Depending on your location in Australia and our travel plan, our visit to your vicinity may be delayed by some time but we can work this out with you via correspondence. Generally when people invite us, they may organise several programs during our visit, for instance at University Societies, Community Centres, Meetup Groups etc. Our programs usually involve talks, practical sessions and may include snacks or finger food afterwards. Although we don't usually charge for our time, we do request attendees to contribute a small donation so that anyone who attends also takes home a book on Bhakti Yoga with them. We are more than happy to discuss further the details of your plan to invite us, via email or phone.
  • I would like to donate to your cause. How would my contribution be spent?
    The Happy Jiva Monks would like to appreciate gratitude and thanks to anyone who helps us in our endeavour to spread spiritual knowledge for the upliftment of humanity. In our mission we naturally incur a range of expenses. These include travelling costs (fuel, vehicle maintenance, caravan accomodation, food etc.). When we take off on our travels, we carry thousands of books with us to distribute to all the fortunate people. To aquire these books, we incur printing, binding and shipping costs as well as local courier transportation costs. When we run seminars and workshops we incur venue booking fees or if we set up book tables we require to pay the local council to set up book tables for the community. From time to time we invest in purchasing inventory stock items such as musical instruments for kirtan performances or meditation beads to teach people mantra meditation. All these are some upfront expenses we face, although there are more. As full-time monks, we don't accept salaries or wages. We don't keep any monetary remuneration for ourselves but use it to further our mission. Unless specified, you can rest assured that your donation will be used by us to further our spiritual cause. If you wish to help us with your donation, please get in touch with us through our website or email:
  • What are the Bhakti Yoga Texts about?
    The Bhakti Yoga texts are authentic knowledge books which were compiled by great self-controlled sages in Sanskrit over 5000 years ago. Since then, the knowledge has been passed down in an unbroken chain of teacher and student until the present day. While some of the Bhakti texts are extremely popular (such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam), others are less well known. The Bhakti texts are non-sectarian and they are read and studied by all types of people. They often discuss themes such as the soul, the source of the soul, work and karma, the nature of energy, how to control the mind and senses and much more. Check out our "Lifestyle" section to find out more.
  • Is it possible to help out and/or join the Team?
    Sure, why not! We're always looking for people to help expand the network of spiritual seekers. Stress, anxiety, depression and the like are so prevalent in today's society and people are looking for a positive alternative in how to live life. You could help us by running programs and cultivating a community of people in your own area under our guidance. Another way you can help us is by publicising and distributing the Bhakti Wisdom texts in your own way. There are many ways and we are keen to help and guide you.
  • Can I become a monk?
    Often times people are not fully informed about monk culture and values. The life of a monk is one of taking responsibility for oneself as well as for the spiritual wellbeing of others. A core emphasis in any monk tradition consists of maintaining purity of purpose through celibacy. Monks are traditionally single and not married. We hope people can appreciate our choice in life in order to pursue a greater cause. Consequently, we do encourage those seeking to embrace a dynamic and adventurous spiritual lifestyle to contact us to discuss further ( Spiritual life however is not just for monks. Bhakti Yoga especially, is for everybody. If you would like to seriously go deeper in your spiritual practice, please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to assist you.
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