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As our Happy Jiva Team travels across Australia, we want to create an online network for all the curious and spiritually inclined people that we come across. This is a way for you to stay in touch with us and also get the association and guidance that you need to incorporate spiritual principles in your day to day life and stay inspired. We have a vibrant community of experienced Bhakti Yoga Practitioners in Sydney that work with us to help you along in spiritual life!

Our online group-based courses have a nominal course fee, are conducted through ZOOM and follow a structured approach so that your initial small steps in Bhakti will mature to big strides as you advance in consciousness through the cultivation of genuine spiritual knowledge.  



Course Structure & Flow

We've chosen the "Ocean" as a metaphor for structuring our courses. The ancient yoga texts often describe the Bhakti science of love and devotion to be as vast and unfathomable as the gigantic ocean - the only difference being that the Bhakti ocean is full of taste and nectar! Just as the ocean has countless waves that come and go, our course flow is based on an almost numberless waves. Each "wave" consists of several mini-courses which in themselves have many weekly lessons. In this way you can dive deep into the nectar of the Ocean of Devotion and collect so many valuable gem-like treasures that a spiritual lifestyle will give you. Click on the images below to get an idea of our course structure.  

The Happy Jiva Course Metaphor

Course Metaphor

The Happy Jiva Course Flow

Course Flow (first 6 Waves)

Become a Bhakti Guide Yourself!

In addition to the progressive course structure outlined above, we will also be offering a number of supplementary courses on a range on interesting topics. Of particular mention will be our Teacher Training Courses which will allow you the opportunity to cultivate a Bhakti lifestyle for yourself and share the knowledge with others who are also interested. 

Teacher training opportunities will be made available once students complete Waves 1 and 2 as outlined in the Course Flow above. Students wanting to teach others will be specially coached by our team and materials required to run the sessions (such as Powerpoint presentations) will be provided by us. By becoming a spiritual coach, you'll get the deep satisfaction of making a positive and most beneficial impact on the lives of other sincere souls!



Register for Wave 1!


If you're interested in developing transcendental wisdom, discovering a dynamic spiritual lifestyle for yourself and regularly associating with other like-minded, kindred spirits, go ahead and register for Wave 1 of The Happy Jiva's courses! 

Wave 1 consists of three mini-courses and runs for a total of 16 sessions spanning 16 weeks (1 online session per week). A break down of the courses, topics covered, the time frame and fees involved are displayed on the image below. Our sessions are currently being run using ZOOM so please make sure you have this software installed (https://zoom.us/download)

Note: our courses can have as many as 10 or more students in a batch however the minimum number of students we require to commence a new Wave can be as small as 2 or 3 students. If you have friends or family whom you think may be interested, go ahead and suggest them to give it go by enrolling too - the more the merrier! 

The Discover Your Self Course
The Striding in Bhakti Course
The Diving Deep in Bhakti Course
Course Registration Form - Wave 1


Note:  your postal address is required in order to send you course materials such as meditation beads, books etc.

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