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As our Happy Jiva Team travels across Australia, we want to create an online network for all the curious and spiritually inclined people that we come across. This is a way for you to stay in touch with us and also get the association and guidance that you need to incorporate spiritual principles in your day to day life and stay inspired. We have a vibrant community of experienced Bhakti Yoga Practitioners in Sydney that work with us to help you along in spiritual life!
Have a look at the courses we currently conduct, below. Some online courses or meetups are ongoing and you can join at any time throughout the year while others take place from time to time. Please note that all courses are free of charge, the only price is your enthusiasm and sincerity! 
If you're interested in joining a course or if you'd like more information, get in touch with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

Our Online Courses

The Gita Life Course

Curious to see what you can get out of the art, culture and wisdom of Bhakti Yoga? Gita Life is an introductory program for those who are new to Bhakti Yoga. It’s an opportunity to see how you can spice up your life with the Bhakti lifestyle. The Gita Life program helps you take spirituality at your pace. Learn how you can balance both your material and spiritual aspirations. Practice the timeless art of mantra meditation. Experience the joy of spiritual life. Explore the ancient Bhakti Yoga texts and learn to see the world from the right presepctive, the spiritual perspective. Please fill out the form below to join or enquire further.

The Discover Yourself! Course

Eager to learn more about the basics of spiritually but don't know where to start? Then this course is for you. While chasing the mirage of material pleasure, we have forgotten the means to gain inner spiritual happiness. Feeling the void in the heart we question ourselves. Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What can't I just be always happy and peaceful? Through the wisdom of the ancient yoga texts, this course will provide you with the knowledge of the self and the tools to be able to reclaim your share of everlasting happiness. If you would like to enrol or learn more, please fill out the form below.

Bhakti Sanga Groups

“Bhakti” refers to the process of bhakti yoga and “Sanga” means association. Bhakti Sanga sessions are weekly network gatherings for those who are interested in going deeper into the bhakti yoga texts in like-minded association. Bhakti yoga is the process of linking the individual self to the Supreme Self through devotional service. Practising bhakti yoga along with others is the simplest and easiest process to reach perfection in spirituality. Through our weekly course material you can learn how to incorporate bhakti yoga in your everyday life. To enquire further or join, please get back to us by filling out the form below.

Mantra Meditation Sessions

Mantras are spiritual sonic technology which help capture and control the restless mind. Out of thousands of mantras described within the yoga corpus, the prime mantra for the present day and age is the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. These Mantra Sessions will teach you how to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and meditate using chanting beads. You'll also get to learn more about the mind and how to control it. If you're interested, please get back to us by filling out the form below!

Mantra Music Sessions (Kirtan)

Kirtan, or mantra meditational music is an ideal way to immerse your thoughts and mind on transcendence. While Japa mantra meditation is done by yourself, Kirtan is performed together in a group in accompaniment with muscial instruments such as drums, hand symbols and harmoniums. The leader of the kirtan chants a mantra in a soothing melody followed by the rest of the group responding in the same fashion. Kirtan is a spiritual experience and it generates blissful emotions. If you'd like to enquire more about our Kirtan Mantra Music Sessions, just get in touch with us by filling our the form below!

Yoga Classes

The physical aspect of yoga has become a popular way to regulate and energise the body. In these yoga sessions, you'll be guided through a range of Hatha Yoga postures to improve flexibility, breathing and circulation. Yoga postures, or asanas, also have the ability to quieten the mind in order to prepare it for meditation. These Yoga Session are conducted by qualified instructors whom The Happy Jiva Monks know. If you'd like to enquire further about these Classes, get in touch with us by filling out the form below!

Krishna Cooking Classes

Preparing tasty and delicious karma-free vegetarian meals is a big part of Bhakti Yoga. Cooking and eating food is also a type of meditation that is part of the Krishna Consciousness culture and lifestyle. If you'd like to find out more about Krishna Cooking, just get in touch with us by filling out the form below!

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