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The Life & Precepts of Lord Chaitanya, the Great Bhakti Saint


At a time when, in the West, man was directing his explorative spirit toward studying the structure of the physical universe and circumnavigating the world in search of new oceans and continents, Sri Krsna Caitanya, in the East, was inaugurating and masterminding a revolution directed toward a scientific understanding of the highest knowledge of man’s spiritual nature.


The Caitanya-Caritamrta may be translated to mean the “characteristics of the immortal living force” and is the pinnacle spiritual treatise, often referred to as the post-graduate collection of transcendental knowledge. Lord Caitanya was a philosopher, saint, mystic and a divine incarnation who pioneered a great/tremendous social and spiritual movement in 16th century India, and which is now gradually encompassing the rest of the world. 


There is no difference between the teachings of Lord Caitanya presented here and the teachings of Lord Krsna's in the Bhagavad-gitä. The teachings of Lord Caitanya are practical demonstrations of Lord Krsna’s teachings. His profound life and teachings embody the highest philosophical truths and have influenced countless thinkers till the present day. Indulging in the pages of this compilation will infuse auspiciousness in one’s life through the intellectual, cultural and practical elevation of one’s inner consciousness.


Hardbound, 9 volumes, 7379 total pages


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Chaitanya Charitamrita (Complete Set)

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