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The Beginner's Japa Meditation set comes with chanting beads and a bead bag.


Our Japa Meditation Beads are made from Tulasi wood (Holy Basil) which is considered very auspicious. It is said that if one chants the Hare Krishna Mahamantra while fingering beads made of Tulasi, the spiritual results of that chanting are multiplied as it is very dear to Krishna. These Japa Beads have 108 individual beads which are strung on a thread and are good for beginners in mantra meditation.


The Japa Beadbag is a fabric cloth bag for putting you beads in, it's like a sacred house for your Chanting Beads. The Beadbag has two holes, one for putting your hand through and the other for keeping your index finger outside (see the "how to chant" section on our website) so you can chant on your Beads inside your Beadbag. 


The Japa Meditation set also comes with a set of Counting Beads. Tie the counting beads onto your Beadbag so you can keep a track of how many rounds you are chanting daily on your Japa Meditation Beads.


Please note that the size, colour and design of the beadbag may vary depending on our available stock. Also the size, shape and colour of the japa beads may vary for the same reason.

Beginner's Japa Meditation Set

SKU: JapaSet
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