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"Jiva" is a sanskrit word which means "soul". Enliven your life by adopting an uplifting spiritual lifestyle based on Yoga's wisdom texts!

At The Happy Jiva, our mission is to make everybody happy by sharing the dynamic and joyful teachings and lifestyle of Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of love and devotion!


Ananta Vrindavan 2019

Bhakti Culture

The Bhakti Yoga lifestyle is joyful for the soul and engaging for the body and mind.


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About Us

The Happy Jiva Team consists of a group of dedicated travelling monks and educators from the age-old Hare Krishna tradition spanning back more than 5000 years. We regularly travel all across Australia, the "Land Down Under", to different towns and cities to make the timeless wisdom of the Bhakti Yoga texts available to all interested people. 


The Happy Jiva mission is to re-spiritualise human society with the universal truths as presented in the bhakti yoga texts and allow people an opportunity to realise their life's highest potential and self-interest through spiritual practise and experience.

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