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If you're interested in developing transcendental wisdom, discovering a dynamic spiritual lifestyle for yourself and regularly associating with other like-minded, kindred spirits, go ahead and register for Wave 1 of The Happy Jiva's courses! 

Wave 1 consists of three mini-courses and runs for a total of 16 sessions spanning 16 weeks (1 online session per week). A break down of the courses, topics covered, the time frame and fees involved are displayed on the image adjacent. 

Note: our courses can have as many as 10 or more students in a batch however the minimum number of students we require to commence a new Wave can be as small as 2 or 3 students. If you have friends or family whom you think may be interested, go ahead and suggest them to give it go by enrolling too - the more the merrier!
Once you have registered for Wave 1 by filling the form below, you'll receive an email outlining payment options for the courses. The email will be sent to you once your submission has been reviewed.

Course Registration Form - Wave 1


Note:  your postal address is required in order to send you course materials such as meditation beads, books etc.

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